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MAY 2005
2005 Summer CollectionVintage jewelry complement any outfit. Contrasted with modern jewelry at similar prices, vintage jewelry often has elegant design and excellent workmanship. Some vintage jewelry pieces are dated marked with the name of the design fashion house, representing important part of fashion history.
Some famous vintage jewelry lines include:
  • Kramer - Often referred to as Kramer of New York, Kramer jewelry used high quality rhinestones regardless of the line. The firm sometimes did private label work for larger firms like Christian Dior. (Reference Source: Masterpieces of Costume Jewelry)
  • Eisenberg - the costume jewelry of Eisenberg was some of the finest ever produced in the U.S., using Sworavski Austrian crystals and rhinestones, the best plating and metalworking techniques available. Eisenberg pieces are highly sought by vintage costume jewelry collectors. (Reference Source: Masterpieces of Costume Jewelry)
  • Schiaparelli - contemporary and competitor of Coco Chanel, Schiaparelli was a daring, flamboyant fashion innovator who popularized brilliant colors, especially shocking pink. Some of her best known and most collected designs are whimsical pieces she designed with circus themes, signs of the zodiac, and surrealistic jewelry inspired by the surrealist art of Salvador Dali. (Reference Source: Masterpieces of Costume Jewelry)
  • Weiss - Weiss has been known for very high quality and clarity of their costume jewelry. Among the most avidly collected designs are the Weiss butterfly and insect pins of the 1950s. (Reference Source: Masterpieces of Costume Jewelry)
  • Hollycraft - ’Hollycraft’ trademark and logo represented the Hollywood Jewelry Manufacuring Company founded in New York City in 1938. Some Hollycraft is dated particularly from the 1950s when they were among the 2 or 3 dominant designers of finer quality costume jewelry. Hollycraft is particularly well known for their intricate costume rings and Christmas tree pins and brooches. Their jewelry tends to be done in an antique goldtone finish and sometimes highlighted with enamels. (Reference Source: Fabulous Costume Jewelry)
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